Weekly Recap #CW35 2014

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Recap full of awesome and readworthy articles about CSS, performance, code editors and more. I hope you enjoy the list as much as I did reading all the articles. Have a nice day and coming week!

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Say hello to the new mytaxi.com

Earlier this year before I started freelancing I worked at mytaxi and was part of the website team that worked on a relaunch.

The goal was to combine the mobile and desktop sites into one awesome responsive website that worked for every device now and in the future.
The underlying CMS was Typo3 and that had to stay because of various reasons. Typo3 made us a bunch of problems but we managed to work through them.

I left before the site was finished, but a few days ago the new mytaxi.com finally went live. Although there are a few things I would have done differently if I could do it again I think it is definitely a big step in the right direction. I hope the team continues to develop the site – especially a responsive images solution is needed.

Weekly Recap #CW34 2014

Hello and welcome to the recap of calendar week number 34. The year rushes forward and we try to keep up with it. I hope this list helps you with it. Enjoy!

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HTML5 breaking new ground for online casino games

This is a guest post from Ana Fisher.

Author Bio
Ana Fisher is a web designer who spends most of her day experimenting with CSS, Java, and HTML. She has a passion for designing apps and likes to keep herself in the loop with programming-related news. In her free time, she likes to de-stress by swimming in her backyard pool or playing online poker with her friends.

HTML5 breaking new ground for online casino games
WebRTC technology may help add a more human aspect to online matches

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Make an element inside a hidden element visible with CSS

Let’s imagine the following scenario: You have an element that should be hidden but one of the elements inside it should be visible. I’m sure everyone has had this problem before and tried to force it with opacity. At least I did.

But that’s not possible. As soon as you set an element to opacity: 0; all of it’s children will forever be invisible.

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Weekly Recap #CW33 2014

Hello everyone. It’s sunday and this means it’s time for another edition of Weekly Recap. I’ve got some nice reading recommendations for you, mostly about CSS topics. Enjoy your day and happy reading!

If you find interesting articles or have written something yourself that might suit the Weekly Recap, feel free to send me a tweet at @_martinwolf.

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Koken – Any tips, tricks, recommendations?

Next week I’ll start a project which will be developed with Koken.

I’ve never work with Koken before but it’s predetermined for this project and I’m told it’s the right choice for the task at hand and I trust this statement. I’m looking forward to this new challenge and am curious to see how Koken works compared to WordPress — the CMS I know best.

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Workplaces of Web Professionals, Part 1

I’m one of those people which often rearrange their workplace to someday find the perfect setup, which will probably never happen.

I love to know how other people work and how their workplaces look like. I enjoy scrolling through sites like Simpledesks or /r/macsetups. But I really wanted to know how other people working for the web are set up, so I made a list and started to write those people. I haven’t made it through the complete list yet and of those I wrote, a bunch are currently redoing their workplaces. So this is the first part and I hope one or two will follow.

Thank you to everyone who send me a picture and is willing to let us have a look into their private space. Enjoy!

Brad Frost


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Force a concatenation order with gulp.js

A while back I made a screencast explaining my gulpfile.js. Since then my needs changed per project and recently I ran into a problem with my js task.

The task should hint my manually edited scripts.js with JSHint, then concatenate that with jQuery and other third party scripts, run uglify and in the end save a scripts.min.js in a /dist folder. So far so good. Only problem was that the order in which the files got concatenated was totally random which is a problem because I needed jQuery at the top, then all the third party scripts and then my manually written code.

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Weekly Recap #CW32 2014

The past week I was on vacation and I thought it’d be difficult to get a good amount of reading done so that I could present you a nice list with recommendations. But I was wrong, I did a lot of reading while relaxing when we came back from our daily tours and so I’m happy to present you a whole lot of awesome reading recommendations. Enjoy them!

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Weekly Recap #CW31 2014

Hello! I had a very busy work week so I can be on vacation now. This means I didn’t read a lot and am now posting this via iPhone on an unstable Edge connection – happy it’s working.

The reading recommendations all touch my favourite topics performance and CSS. I’m so happy that many great people share their knowledge. Enjoy the articles and the rest of your weekend!

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