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New headphones

Since I didn’t upgrade my iPhone (the first time since the iPhone 4 I think 😳) and iPad this year, I clearly had too much money lying around, so I decided to do some research on new headphones and eventually bought the beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO and the Sound Blaster X7 USB-DAC sound amplifier.

Since the introduction of the AirPods two years ago I almost exclusively used them on my MacBook as well as my iPhone and iPad. Sometimes even with the AppleTV. Apple Earpods have always fit very well in my ears and have never fallen out. Earplugs in general also seem to be better for my tinnitus, so I was and still am extremely happy with the AirPods. Not having a cord and being able to stand up from my desk and go to the toilette while still listening to music is amazing! 🚽🎧

So, why did I just buy new expensive headphones?

For quite some time now I was craving for the listening experience of more traditional over-ear headphones and I was also interested in higher quality audio, especially for gaming, where I used a Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 headset for the past 1 1/2 years. Which also definitely isn’t a bad headphone.

But I can say I am extremely happy with my new setup. It sits very comfortably and I can wear it all day. The audio quality is amazing, especially the Scout Mode of the Sound Blaster X7 is doing wonders when playing games.

This upgrade means I no longer have a microphone right on the headphones and have to use my Blue Yeti microphone for Discord while gaming, but that’s fine and is probably even better for my teammates.

I mentioned that my tinnitus has been better with earplugs than with headphones in the past and this still seems to be true. For that reason and that I still really like the AirPods because of all their advantages, I will keep using them, but not exclusively anymore.

My Gaming Settings (2018)

When playing first person shooter games on the PC with mouse and keyboard your mechanical skills are one of the important pieces to perform well. I edit my settings in a way that a 360° turn of my charackter means the same amount of mouse movement on my mousepad in every game. That means I can build up muscle memory and over time become more precise while at the same time act faster. While I think it’s most important to have the exact same mouse sensitivity in every game, it’s also good to have the same keybindings.

Because I’m me and I like to improve every little bit of my gaming I wrote down a bunch of settings and keybindings I use across games so I can reference them easily when starting with a new game or setting up a new PC.

Maybe you get some value from it, too.


360° turn in hip fire: 45cm mouse movement -> 180° -> 22,5cm


Pointer speed: 7/11
Enhance pointer precision: off

Mouse Settings Razer DeathAdder Chroma

DPI: 400
Acceleration: 0/off
Polling Rate: 1000

Battlefield V

Sensitivity: 11%
Raw mouse input: on
Soldier Zoom Sens: 75%
Soldier Zoom Sens Advanced: 100%
Vehicle Sens: 100%
Uniform Soldier Aiming: On
Coefficient: 133%
ADS FOV: off
Future Frame Rendering: On
Nvidia Control Panel Battlefield V profile Future Frame Rendering: 2

Battlefield V specific keybindings

Mouse wheel down: switch to secondary weapon
Mouse wheel up: switch to primary weapon

CoD Black Ops 4

Sensitivity: 7.70
ADS Mouse Sensitivity: Relative
ADS vertical & horizontal multiplier: 1.00
Monitor Distance Coefficient: 1.33
Mouse acceleration: 0.00
Mouse filtering: 0
ADS FOV: Independent

Nvidia Control Panel

GSync: On
VSync: On
Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rate: Highest available

Graphics ingame

FOV: 90 (horizontal)
Resolution: 2560x1440
Refresh rate: 144Hz
Limit fps: 143 (or 122)
VSync: Off


Side Mouse button front: „offensive“ ability/equipment
Side Mouse button back: „defensive“ ability/equipment
Mouse wheel: switch/cycle through weapons & equipment
Shift: hold running / hold steady aim
Ctrl: hold crouch
C: toggle crouch/slide
X: toggle prone
E: use/interact
F: Melee
T: Equipment/Ability
G: Grenade
Q: Spotting, Commo Rose, (Ultimate) Ability
R: Reload
V: change fire mode
Z: ingame voice
M: Map
Alt: Map or ability Tab: Scorebord/Inventory



Oh hey, schön dass ihr noch da seid. Es wird Zeit mal wieder ein Update zu posten. In den letzten Wochen hat sich ein bisschen was getan und in den nächsten Wochen wird sich noch mehr tun.


Nach einer 15jährigen Pause habe ich vor ein paar Wochen wieder angefangen Warhammer Figuren zu bemalen. Wer keine Ahnung hat wovon ich rede. Schaut doch einfach mal direkt bei Games Workshop vorbei oder klickt euch den Hashtag #PaintingWarhammer bei Instagram. Ich bemale diese kleinen Plastikfiguren, baue eine Armee auf und dann kann man gegen andere Leute spielen. Ein paar meiner (work in progress) Figuren gibt’s auch bei mir auf Instagram zu sehen. Zum Glück bin ich nicht alleine, denn mein Bruder hat auch wieder damit angefangen.


Was mich auch direkt zum nächsten Thema bringt. Ich werde Ende Oktober umziehen, und zwar werde ich zusammen mit meinem Bruder unser Elternhaus übernehmen. Ich freue mich riesig darauf wieder in die Heimat zu ziehen, mit meinem Bruder zusammen zu wohnen und die Natur und die Ruhe zu genießen. Das Haus steht nämlich in einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe von Kassel.


Bevor das allerdings passiert machen mein Bruder und ich noch eine Reise mit einem VW Bus. Grobes Ziel: Dubrovnik in Kroatien mit Umweg über Österreich. Den Bus habe ich am Freitag in Berlin geholt, bin damit noch zu meinem Bruder gefahren, wo ich auch gerade diesen Blogpost tippe. Morgen, Sonntag, geht’s dann los. Vermutlich erstmal bis nach Schönau am Königsee, wo wir eigentlich auch ein Tag bleiben und ein bisschen wandern wollten. Leider soll es überall im Süden am Montag den ganzen Tag regnen. Vielleicht gibt’s da also auch noch eine Planänderung.

Außerdem wird es gerade Herbst und ich liebe es. 🍂 Ich kann mit so einem heißen Sommer einfach nichts anfangen. Ich bin gerade einfach endlich mal wieder sehr gut gelaunt und freue mich riesig auf alles was da jetzt in nächster Zeit kommt. Erst ein bisschen Abenteuer, der Umzug und dann einfach eine richtig schön entspannte Zeit im alten neuen Zuhause.

Ach, und nicht zu vergessen: Im Oktober kommt CoD Blackout raus und im November Battlefield V. Fortnite Season 6 läuft auch und DotA begeistert mich auch weiterhin.


Tschüss Leica M9

Leica M9

Am 27. Juni 2013 (Blogpost) habe ich mir einen Traum erfüllt und eine gebrauchte Leica M9 gekauft. Heute, über fünf tolle Jahre mit der M9 später, habe ich mich wieder von ihr getrennt. Tschüss M9! 👋

Tegeler Hafenfest

People sitting at a lake
July 21st, 2018
The sun goes down behind mountains in the distance. In the front is a frozen over lake.

Windows Quick Tip: The ALT keys

This week I learned that the left and right ALT keys don’t behave the same way, the right ALT key is actually two keys combined:

right ALT == left ALT + CTRL

So if you have a keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + o, you can also just use right ALT + o.

You might think that it’s the same with CTRL, but no, left and right CTRL are the same.

The Rereading List

I created a new page on this website called The Rereading List.

I will curated readworthy, hopefully timeless, articles there which I’d like to reread from time to time. It should be a helpful list for me personally, but maybe someone of you will find it useful, too. Happy reading!

Maybe some of you even recognise the styling from days long gone.

How to cache git login credentials

When I clone git repositories via https, which is best practise according to github, and use git from the command line, git will ask me for my login credentials on every push. That is really annoying, especially because I have a good passsword which I can’t remember. So I always have to go into 1Password and copy that dang thing.

Luckily there is a global git config to cache the credentials for a limited time after I have entered them once. Here is how to do it:

Set git to use the credential memory cache:

git config --global credential.helper cache

Set the cache to timeout after 1 hour

git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout=3600'

The timeout setting is in seconds. I’ve set mine to 4 hours (--timeout=14400).

(You need Git 1.7.10 or newer to use the credential helper.)

Always enjoy life - you're longer dead than alive

Zwei Flaschen Wein

Vielen lieben Dank an Jens für dieses unerwartete Paket! 😍