First, a little backstory. 😴

This website was once called, a blog about all things web development. But after a while I decided to turn it more into my portfolio website with blog attached and switched the domain to to I also had - or rather have - another blog, which is more or less only a photo blog by now (

I’ve been running both blogs side by side for a while and then realized one or the other is always suffering, so I closed the Blog and made this website just a simple portfolio site. I stopped writing about code and also only rarely posted photos to the other blog all while posting less and less to social media sites like Twitter or Instagram because it just doesn’t feel as good as it used to and I still get more and more concerned about what happens with my data.
Which brings us to today.

I like personal blogs and I like RSS. So I want to get back to that more. I also like code as well as photography. And I still like to publish personal journal-type things. So this website here shall be my new home where I hope and plan to post more regulary - also shorter status like posts. My life, code and photography will probably be the main topics, but basically it’ll be just what interests me. So be prepared for some gaming content as well. For now I’ll be posting in English 🇬🇧, but we will see if I can keep that up.

I’d be happy if you come along for the ride. Thank you for reading! ✌️

PS: Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to follow along. Ah, and this site might be still a little bit rough around the edges or content might be missing. It’s as work in progress. 🔨