Okay, here is a very little detail that I find extremely annoying when using the iPad. I have the Smart Keyboard attached to the iPad almost always and I like to use it to open apps via spotlight, much like I do with Alfred.app on macOS.

So I hit CMD + Space and the spotlight search appears. Now, if I haven’t searched for anything, the search bar is empty and I can just start typing. If I hit enter I open the app. If I want to switch to another app, I can hit CMD + Space again and spotlight search opens up and the old search term is already selected so I can start typing and replace my old search. That’s awesome:

Spotlight search on iPad when opening from an app

But here is the problem: If I have already searched for something and then open spotlight search from the home screen (and not while in an app), the already entered search text is not pre selected:

Spotlight search on iPad when opening from homescreen

So when I quickly hit CMD + Space and start typing I add to the latest search instead of replacing it.

I can do the CMD + A shortcut to select all text and then start typing to replace it, but it is really annoying and inconsistent and I constantly forget it.

This has to be a bug, right? Or am I overlooking how this might be a feature?