With watchOS 5 the Apple Watch will gain access to web content. As far as I know, there won’t be a dedicated browser app, but you will be able to open links from Mail and Messages. Which will make testing your sites a bit cumbersome, now that I think about it.

Erik Runyon nicely summarized everything we know so far about making your website and thus your content accessible and looking nicely on the Apple Watch.

The most interesting point to me is that Apple is automatically scaling everything down to fit the small viewport. The watch is reporting a width of 320px, even though it’s actually smaller.

Make sure to read Eriks post: Designing Web Content for watchOS

In the end it is like it has always been: If you write semantic accessible markup with progressive enhancement in mind, you’ll be fine.

I’m really interested to see how many people will use the Apple Watch to access web content.