A while ago I started writing a Bullet Journal, mainly to document todo lists on paper. It’s working quite well, but I still have a strange digital/analog back and forth. So I haven’t found the ideal workflow yet, but that’s fine.

The Bullet Journal is not only about todo lists, it’s also about jotting down ideas and thoughts and making all sorts of other lists. If you have never heard of it you can check out the official website.

The system is also intended to be extended as you see fit. So, about a week ago I started a new daily habit. I start each day in the journal with a one sentence note about what I’m thankful for.

At first I thought “oh no, in about two days I won’t have anything new to write down and then I have to repeat myself over and over again”. But then a few days later already I think a lot more about the little things in my life that I like and am thankful for. Not just while sitting down in the morning to write the note for the day, also while going about my day and living the normal daily life.

It’s by no means a radically new idea but it already has helped me immensely appreciating what I have and how lucky I am.

If you think your life is not as good as it could be or you just have a bad time currently, maybe give it a try yourself. I hope it does help you as much as it did help me.