When playing first person shooter games on the PC with mouse and keyboard your mechanical skills are one of the important pieces to perform well. I edit my settings in a way that a 360° turn of my charackter means the same amount of mouse movement on my mousepad in every game. That means I can build up muscle memory and over time become more precise while at the same time act faster. While I think it’s most important to have the exact same mouse sensitivity in every game, it’s also good to have the same keybindings.

Because I’m me and I like to improve every little bit of my gaming I wrote down a bunch of settings and keybindings I use across games so I can reference them easily when starting with a new game or setting up a new PC.

Maybe you get some value from it, too.


360° turn in hip fire: 45cm mouse movement -> 180° -> 22,5cm


Pointer speed: 7/11
Enhance pointer precision: off

Mouse Settings Razer DeathAdder Chroma

DPI: 400
Acceleration: 0/off
Polling Rate: 1000

Battlefield V

Sensitivity: 11%
Raw mouse input: on
Soldier Zoom Sens: 75%
Soldier Zoom Sens Advanced: 100%
Vehicle Sens: 100%
Uniform Soldier Aiming: On
Coefficient: 133%
ADS FOV: off
Future Frame Rendering: On
Nvidia Control Panel Battlefield V profile Future Frame Rendering: 2

Battlefield V specific keybindings

Mouse wheel down: switch to secondary weapon
Mouse wheel up: switch to primary weapon

CoD Black Ops 4

Sensitivity: 7.70
ADS Mouse Sensitivity: Relative
ADS vertical & horizontal multiplier: 1.00
Monitor Distance Coefficient: 1.33
Mouse acceleration: 0.00
Mouse filtering: 0
ADS FOV: Independent

Nvidia Control Panel

GSync: On
VSync: On
Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rate: Highest available

Graphics ingame

FOV: 90 (horizontal)
Resolution: 2560x1440
Refresh rate: 144Hz
Limit fps: 143 (or 122)
VSync: Off


Side Mouse button front: „offensive“ ability/equipment
Side Mouse button back: „defensive“ ability/equipment
Mouse wheel: switch/cycle through weapons & equipment
Shift: hold running / hold steady aim
Ctrl: hold crouch
C: toggle crouch/slide
X: toggle prone
E: use/interact
F: Melee
T: Equipment/Ability
G: Grenade
Q: Spotting, Commo Rose, (Ultimate) Ability
R: Reload
V: change fire mode
Z: ingame voice
M: Map
Alt: Map or ability Tab: Scorebord/Inventory