Jason Fried:

For example, when shopping online, I’m picking the slowest shipping option (I used to always pick the fastest one). […] When confronted with two lines at the grocery store, I’m choosing the longer one. […] Whenever there’s an opportunity to pick the wait, I’m picking it. And I’m not filling my time with other things I have to do while waiting – I’m genuinely waiting.

I had similar thoughts and almost cancelled my Amazon Prime a while back — but then I was too anxious thinking about the next time I NEED SOMETHING THE NEXT DAY.
Moving out of the city last year has slowed down my life a bit in broader terms but I’m still very focused on speed and efficiency in smaller things — and I don’t like it because it’s not pressure from outside, it’s just an unnecessary hurry I created myself internally and I’m trying to change that. So this article by Jason Fried really resonated with me.