There is this blog post chain going on in the web development blogosphere right now where people describe their typical day. I’ve always found it very interesting to see how other go about their day. I remember the Offscreen Mag had these “a day in the life of” series, which I also really enjoyed.

While I haven’t been tagged by anyone, Dave Rupert called for anybody to chime in. So here I am.

6:30am — I wake up roughly around this time every day without an alarm. If I don’t wake up naturally, my dog Frodo will help out. I let him out into the garden and get ready for the day.
6:45am — I make coffee for myself and feed Frodo.
7:00am — Hobby time. I paint Warhammer miniatures. Depending on my projects and mood I skip this and get straight to work.
8:00am — I’m most productive in the morning, so that’s the time I tackle the most important tasks of the day.
9:00am — Going for a walk with Frodo.
10:00am — Some more work.
12:00am — Cooking lunch, usually something quick like Pasta.
1:00pm — Back to work.
3:00pm — Another walk and play with Frodo.
4:00pm — Back to work again for the final spurt before running out of energy.
5:00pm — Dinner. Mostly consisting of bread, cheese and some Ahle Wurscht.
5:45pm — Washing dishes and some tidying.
6:00pm — Time for painting miniatures, playing video games with friends and some Netflix to round out the day.
10:00pm — I let Frodo out into the garden for a last stroll and then it’s time for bed.

Obviosuly not every day is exactly the same, sometimes there is more work to do, sometimes there is less. That’s the nature of being self employed.
My daily schedule is also somewhat tied to Frodo and I’ve found that everything shifts a bit depending on the time of year. In the summer for example I go for a walk very early first thing in the morning and then again late in the evening. But the above should give you a rough outline of how my typical day looks like.