A Container Queries Trilogy

A few weeks ago Ethan Marcotte wrote about container queries — about what they are and why we need them:

On container queries.

The article was overall very well received and I too, couldn't agree more. I want, I need, container queries. But Paul Robert Lloyd then wrote a blog post response arguing that we might not need container queries and that new layout methods like Flexbox and CSS Grids can be the solution the community is looking for:

Questioning Container Queries

He made good points but Ethan used the opportunity to reply with another article tightening his arguments:

A bit more on container queries.

And as far as I can remember from Twitter, in the end Paul agreed that container queries are needed and can solve a lot of the issues we currently face when building complex components.

I don't write this to celebrate Ethan's victory. I just really enjoyed seeing a blog post back and forth with thought out arguments instead of 140 character tweet replies. And I think in the end we all learned how we can solve a couple of things right now with the solutions proposed by Paul and we also see more clearly now why we need container queries. And to say it in Ethans words: Maybe you could help us figure out how to make them happen.

And if it's not clear by now: I highly recommend you read all three articles.

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