This is a timeless list of articles I find important, inspiring or just good for some reason.

In Praise of Extreme Moderation

by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox for Harvard Business Review

Today, I am neither superrich nor superfit nor supersuccessful. But I have just enough of each to qualify in my own personal marathon, the race for a balanced life. In the end, maybe this only really matters to me and my dog, who does get a lot of good walks out of it. To me, that’s enough.

Where does the day go?

by Neal Agarwal

We think of our days as big chunks of time. But really our days are made of tiny pieces, and each time we switch tasks or get distracted we lose another tiny piece. Slowly these pieces add up until we wonder where the day went.

Travel Is No Cure for the Mind

by Lawrence Yeo

That feeling of restlessness underlying all the unresolved issues you have at home will follow you wherever you go.

In Defense of Being Average

by Mark Manson

There’s this kind of psychological tyranny in our culture today, a sense that we must always be proving that we’re special, unique, exceptional all the time, no matter what, only to have that moment of exceptionalism swept away in the current of all the other human greatness that’s constantly happening.

What your days look like

by Austin Kleon

Maybe success is just a matter of how the reality of the days match up to the ones in your imagination.

The Case For Not Knowing What Time It Is

by David Cain

It’s easy to forget that clock time is an invention. To achieve certain social and agricultural goals, we began to imagine an abstract, numerical grid lying across our real-life, sensory experience of the Sun’s movements.


by Jason Fried

You in business? What are you doing to last? Not to grow. Not to gain. Not to take. Not to win. But to last?

Do Things Matter?

by Sarah Miller

So that’s just like normal life. It’s like going back and forth between being happy or sad, except what changes your mood is whether you find that the fact that nothing matters depressing, or kind of freeing! That’s actually kind of helpful, isn’t it?